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The Pasifika Lawyers Association of Queensland Inc (PLAQ), formerly known as Pasifika Law Association (PLA), commenced through a group of friends in Brisbane, connected to the law who celebrated their diversity and passion about the law, its role and value in their lives and communities.  

As diverse as this small group of Pasifika lawyers was, we spoke often of our common Pasifika heritage, we recognised our intrinsic cultural values and the impact it had on our study of law, we shared our hardships about living in a foreign place and we spoke passionately about practicing the law - we love, in a foreign setting.  

This small group started back in 2013 with only a few members. It is on the groundwork of this small group that the current committee built the framework of PLAQ. 


We make special mention of this small group in particular: Andrew Fa'avale, Inez Fainga'a Manu-Sione, Luke Qiritabu, Lea Fua and especially Lorraine Reiher, who not only founded, but spearheaded the small group.

Of that small group, the current committee  continues the work of PLA in the form of PLAQ.

Our Pasifika cultural heritage (and diversity) has a place in shaping a holistic and unique legal practitioner that can perform to the best of their ability within the Australian justice system.



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