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Inspiration from our very own Public Officer, Heilala Tabete, an exceptional Pasifika woman of faith

Brisbane | 28 April 2020


Heilala was born in Fiji, raised in Fiji, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, and now lives in Brisbane, Australia. 

She is currently the Director of Business Development & Client Engagement at Corney & Lind Lawyers, one of our dedicated sponsors. One of a few Christian Law Firms in Brisbane.

Core values of Corney & Lind Lawyers are to: "Be attentive, to serve them [clients] with care, and to act with integrity" Heilala Tabete.

A story of many transitions across countries, cultures, political climates and responsibilities.

Find out more about Heilala at:

Corney & Lind Lawyers:

Kingdom International Legal Network:

Listen to the moving interview with one of our founding members, Andrew Fa'avale, the Director of The Global Pasifika Success Podcast or watch on YouTube via link.


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